Wednesday, 22 January 2014

This is the chore that never ends...


I mean seriously I feel like I'm ALWAYS doing it! 

Just when I think I'm all caught up and everything is folded and put away I get the unpleasant surprise of a hidden load in the dryer, or a full hamper and my heart sinks.

Justin and I go through a normal amount, but then add in a pukey, cloth diapered baby and it is insane! Maybe it seems worse because our laundry is downstairs, so it feels like such a trek to do it.

I keep thinking that once Declan stops spitting up so much that then my laundry load will lighten but let's be realistic! Once that glorious day comes he will probably be eating solids…which comes with a mess of its own!

What about YOU?! Any magical laundry secrets to share? How do you keep your laundry under control? Or at least keep it from driving you crazy?!

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