Wednesday, 22 January 2014

This is the chore that never ends...


I mean seriously I feel like I'm ALWAYS doing it! 

Just when I think I'm all caught up and everything is folded and put away I get the unpleasant surprise of a hidden load in the dryer, or a full hamper and my heart sinks.

Justin and I go through a normal amount, but then add in a pukey, cloth diapered baby and it is insane! Maybe it seems worse because our laundry is downstairs, so it feels like such a trek to do it.

I keep thinking that once Declan stops spitting up so much that then my laundry load will lighten but let's be realistic! Once that glorious day comes he will probably be eating solids…which comes with a mess of its own!

What about YOU?! Any magical laundry secrets to share? How do you keep your laundry under control? Or at least keep it from driving you crazy?!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Your Spouse is a gift

God has really been laying this lesson on my heart lately! A lot of times I think we go through life treating our spouse more like a roommate, than a lover and your best friend! My husband is a gift from God and I desire to treat him like one all the time!

I have been challenged to lay down my pride and to fully respect my husband. I mean, I've always respected him, but to respect his position as the head of our house and to support his decisions is something I struggle with from time to time. I am a pretty stubborn, outspoken woman, so when I don't agree with something or have my reasons for wanting something I let him know..tirelessly! God bless him for putting up with me! 

Ephesians 5 says to submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. We wives should submit to our husbands as to the Lord, it says "As the church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything". Holy crap, EVERYTHING?! For real God, can't I just submit to him in the things that I agree with? Or decisions he makes because I want him to? That is a pretty hard thing to do! I don't believe it means that we should be doormats for them, but ultimately that the final decision is theirs. And if the decision turns out to be a bad one not to rub his face in it! 

On the other side Ephesians 5 also says that husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the church. It says "husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself".  The bible clearly states that this isn't a dictatorship, a husband is supposed to treat his wife as he would himself! Which, lets be honest, is a crazy hard thing to do for anyone! Its even harder when you live with the person. And maybe even more so if she doesn't respect your job, your hobbies and nags you about taking out the garbage(or whatever it may be!)

When is it in our marriages that we stop trying to date & woo our spouses? After a year? After kids? Why is it that we try so hard when we are dating or engaged, but then once we are married feel no need. When I was dating Justin I pretended I liked being tickled, watched shows he liked without complaining, put extra time into getting ready to see him &  spent hours just talking to him. Now that we are married those things have changed some! I can't remember the last time we sat together, without anything else and just talked for a long period of time. Life gets busy, and we spend time doing other things! I still try to make a point of doing my hair and makeup everyday, and putting on real clothes, because I want to let him know that I still care, and he is worth my time in getting ready. A lot of women spend time getting ready to go out for girls night, but barely put in any time to getting ready for a day with their husband! 

Don't get me wrong, I know I don't need hair & makeup for Justin to find me attractive. If you have ever seen me sleep(trust me it is NOT attractive) and know that he still wants to kiss me in the morning, you can certainly understand that caking myself up isn't necessary.  I also find I feel better about myself, when I have taken time to get ready in the morning! 

I want to encourage you to spend time dating your spouse. I challenge you to tell them a reason why you respect or love them. Put your phone away and cuddle them while watching TV. I fully intend on dating Justin, flirting with him & spending time just enjoying the man God has gifted to me as a husband! 

Show the world God's love story by creating a beautiful one with your spouse. We have a great opportunity in marriage! 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Truth be told

Truth be told I'm failing. I'm failing at my relationship with God. I never really talk much about it, mostly because its never really been important to me. Let me explain…my relationship/Christianity is really important to me, and I have never thought of straying. But putting work into my actual relationship with Christ has never really been important. I know it is important, and I know I should pursue Him with reckless abandon but I can't really get into it. I always have been able to meet God in worship but that's just not good enough anymore!

I feel like I'm too busy, but really?! Are we really ever too busy for the one who gives us breath? Too busy to spend time with a one who knit me together in my Mother's womb? The one who has blessed me with an amazing Godly husband and fantastic son to keep me busy. Too busy for the one who has given me things to actually keep me busy? I think the too busy excuse is a total cop out, and I totally have been using it! 

I also feel like I don't know where to start. Maybe I feel like there needs to be some sort of program or organization to my time with Jesus, and maybe for me there does…maybe there doesn't. All I know is what I have been doing, or more likely not doing, isn't working for me. I've tried many different things but haven't had long term success. I've tried just opening my bible and reading where I felt led, reading through some of the "easy" read chapters, and got 4 months into reading the bible in a year. But then life happens and I get distracted. 

Now that I have a son I'm sure I can come up with many reasons why I don't have time or need to sleep instead. But the truth is that if I am serving Him he will help me prioritize my time, and give me the energy I would have gained from sleep! He created everything so why can I not trust Him to give me these little things?! 

Where has this revelation come from you may ask!? Well I think its from a few things actually! I just finished reading "Balancing It All" by Candace Cameron Bure(seriously…read any of her books! She is fantastic!!) and in that book she really challenges you to get your priorities in order. It re-opened my eyes to the fact that my priorities are WAY out of whack! It could also be because now I have Declan! Truth be told he is going to grow up and watch me. He will notice that I only spend time with/worship God on Sundays, and then the rest of the week I can't be bothered. How can I expect him to learn to love & live for God when I'm not setting that example myself?! Can you say hypocrite?! 

I also know that becoming closer to God will make me a better person all around. A better friend, daughter, sister, wife & Mom, and I want to be all of those things! I want people to see me and know that I love Jesus, it should never come as a surprise to someone that I go to church! 

God is growing and challenging me and I wanted to post out of obedience. I know that putting it out there makes me a lot more vulnerable, now you all can keep me accountable and that is scary. That is probably why I am manically typing and will hit publish before I can pansy out! 

My question is what works for you?! How do you make your relationship with God a priority in your life!? Do you have any devotional or books that would be beneficial for me?! 

Truth be told I am ready to make a change. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Introducing Food

Before I start, I know this is a controversial topic and people get heated about their opinions, but I don't want to hear it! Hehe! Just a simple answer to my question without judgement would be fabulous. 

Now that Declan is 4 months we reach the subject of when to introduce food, like other than breast milk food! And on top of deciding when we also have to decide how

Half of the research out there says that you should start at 4 months (or when the baby shows signs of being ready) with rice cereal and pureed foods

The other half thinks that you should wait until 6 months and do baby lead weaning, or basically start with small pieces of food and kind of let baby eat off your plate. 

Now I don't think Declan is ready to start eating big kid food anyways. I've let him taste a banana and apple so far, but he doesn't really seem interested! Which is fine…breastfeeding is cheap! hehe! 

My question for you Momma's out there is what did you do with your babies?! And why did you do it?! I know new guidelines for EVERYTHING baby related come out every 2 years it seems, so the rules and ideas are always changing…but I am still curious! I don't really feel strong convictions either way about what to do with the little guy so am just trying to get ideas!! 

Which one….

which one...

Monday, 6 January 2014


We survived day 1 of no help! I didn't weep, or scream or anything…SUCCESS! It was actually a pretty awesome day! Thanks God! And I did a lot more than I had expected to get done…probably more than I normally got done when someone was here helping me :) I did some laundry, some dishes, showered (which with curly hair is much more of an event than you straight haired peeps), changed my ghetto diaper bag to a nice pretty one, and cooked & ate 3 balanced meals! Next to add to my daily activities is actual exercise! While I do break a sweat bouncing my silly kid to sleep, it hardly counts! 

Tomorrow I plan on tackling more laundry…story of my life. And working out! This might not be as hard as I thought! Mind you….it is only the first day, maybe I am jumping the gun! :D

In other news, Justin finally installed the diaper sprayer on our toilet…so as gross and strange as it may make me seem, I am quite excited for Declan's next poo so I can use it! That thing has crazy power! Haha!! Oh man, you know you're a Mom when…

Well, my little guy is finally asleep and my hubby is home! Bonding shall be done! 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Back to Reality

So, I have been very blessed to have lots of help since Declan has been born! My Mom was up for his birth and 4 weeks following that, and then Justin has been off for the past 3 months! With trips to the Coast & all the people helping me I have been very spoiled. I realize most people don't receive the help I have received and I want to hug you all, I have NO idea how I could have done it without the help I received! 

But sadly now my journey through la la land is over! We just came back from Surrey and Justin goes back to work on Monday! To top it all off Declan has started to teethe…yippee!! So I will be on my own! No one to pass him off too when I am so frustrated with him, no one to watch him for me while I have a long, hot shower, no one to entertain him while I make dinner…just me! I will be totally honest with you, I am terrified! I know I can do it, and I know that I will figure it out and come through it strong and proud but I'm scared! I have a stubborn little boy and when he is tired he fights it, and he fights it hard. And sometimes I get really annoyed! Now I will really have to work on my self control, and realize when I need a break and just put him down and walk away for a little. 

He loves to chomp on my fingers

Let me correct myself…he loves to chomp on anything

The truth is that parenting is HARD! The most amazing, rewarding and fun thing…but stinking hard! Especially being a nursing Mom(and honestly just a Mom in general). My baby needs me, he needs the food I provide him and the comfort and support I give him. Sometimes he just needs ME! Which is so cool, but sometimes I just want a break! Like today for example! Declan was having a rough day. We traveled yesterday, his teeth are bugging him, and maybe a bit of a TMI but he had a big poop today! So needless to say he was a Mr. Fussypants! Now I don't like Mr. Fussypants that much, I definitely prefer Mr. Giggles, or Mr. Snuggles, but that just isn't possible all the time. So I cried, and thats okay! Sometimes I just need to cry and release my frustration and then I can go back to loving my little guy! 

I know there will be many more hurdles in raising my son, including more and more teething (sigh), but when he looks up at me while feeding, or laughs and gives me a big smile it makes all of it worth while! 

I feel a lot better just typing this all out, even if it was banter. Who knows…maybe I will start blogging more now that I am on my own and can only call my Mom to vent so many times in one day :)
This makes it all worth it.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Life as we know it

I realize it has been a long time since I've updated and I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but just always put it off! Which is funny because it never is as much work to update as I imagine! So much has changed since I last updated! My newborn baby is now 3.5 months old!! I will write a little bit more about him later!

Life has been pretty awesome this last few months! I had a TON of help from my Mom with Declan and Justin has been able to take October-January off so it has been so great having him at home! We have been able to spend lots of time down in Surrey since Justin has been off too wjhich is really nice! Especially when it comes to Christmas shopping since we have so little options up here!

We are spending Christmas this year with my family in Surrey! The past 2 years we have had them come up here for Christmas since Justin and I have had to work, but this year we are freeeeeee! So down we go this Friday! I will really miss having a good dump of snow for Christmas though, it just isn't the same with rain, sunshine or even Surrey snow. But it will be a nice change! It is Declan's first Christmas, and although he is too young to really have any grasp of what is going on, it brings a new dimension of excitement! Let me tell you, was it ever weird to sign some presents "Love Mom & Dad" talk about reality check!

We have been using cloth diapers exclusively for about 1.5 months already and I LOVE it! Cloth diapering is not as much work as everyone thinks it is! Plus it is really nice to know that I won't run out of diapers in the middle of the night or something horrendous like that! As long as I do my laundry every 2nd or 3rd day I have plenty of diapers to last me! I am loving the night time diapers I got too, I can comfortably leave him in them overnight and don't have any leaks! Woohoo!! No leaking after his weekly or bi-weekly poop either! Plus he looks SO cute in them, come Summer he will be a pant less baby I think!

A little about Declan

-he recently discovered his hands and mouth and is always putting his hands in his mouth, or his Sophie the giraffe in his mouth!
-the downside of discovering his hands is that he has mastered a mean pinch and can effectively grab my hair now
-he is a really alert baby & keeps his focus on something for quite some time
-he is loud, he loves to squeal and talk to us and is increasing in volume and pitch!!
-he goes to sleep on my shoulder best with a blanket draped over his head
-he is a PUKER! I laughed at how many receiving blankets we had before he was born thinking I would never need that many….I am currently waiting for the dryer to finish so I can have clean ones…
-he has just become bashful, like in the past day or 2. He will smile at Justin, or a stranger and then throw his head into my shoulder like he is embarrassed. It is adorable!
-he sleeps in his crib at night, and usually sleeps from 9 pm - 5 or 6 am which is fantastic!
-he is a tummy sleeper, and although it is "forbidden" he sleeps WAY better and longer on his tummy :)
-he is over 13 lbs already, which is crazy!
-his eyes I think are gonna be brown. They still look blue, but when I see them in the light they have a brown tinge, so we will see!
-he changes his emotions SO quickly! One minute he is cooing and giggling and the next he is crying, its a little ridiculous!

I obviously could go on forever bragging and ranting about my child, but I shall stop myself there!

Speaking of which…the coos have turned to cries so I should go!

I know I say this every time but I will really try and blog more! That way it wouldn't have to be such a crazy long post every time!!